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partial discography (in alphabetical order)

for something of a discography of mastering work, click here

am syndicate (austin, tx)
-"empire" cd (sick room records 2006)

arcade fire (n. america)
-"rebellion" live 7"/dvd/cd (rough trade records 2005)
-"neighborhood #3 (power out)" live 7"/cd (rough trade records 2005)
live recording and mix engineer
-austin city limits television program (november 2007)
mix engineer

brown whörnet (austin, tx)
-"stroke the apechild" 10" (austin music mafia 1998)
-eponymous cd (austin music mafia 1999)
-"nosferatu" soundtrack vhs (drafthouse video 2000)
-"radio ablum" (austin music mafia 2000)
-"valmaranaro" (2004)

cash audio (chicago, il)
-"green bullet" cd (touch & go records 2000)
tracking engineer

the dials (chicago, il)
-"amoeba amore" cd (no fun records 2008)

del rey (chicago, il)
-"speak it not aloud" cd/lp (my pal god records 2001)
-"darkness and distance" cd/lp (my pal god records 2003)
-"a pyramid for the living" cd (my pal god records 2006)

drums & tuba (austin, tx/nyc)
-"box fetish" cd (t.e.c. tones 1997/my pal god records 2000)
-"the flying ballerina" cd (t.e.c. tones 1998/my pal god 2000)

enduro (austin, tx)
-"half rack of sugar" cd (self-starter foundation 1998)

the feud (nyc)
-"language is technology" cd (ipa records 2002)

the gaza strippers (chicago, il)
-"1000 watt confessions" lp/cd (lookout records 2000)
mix engineer

the hades kick (austin, tx)
-"até" cd (thick as thieves records 1999)

the hamicks (austin, tx/chicago, il)
-"ventriliquist conartist" cd (framed records 1997)
-"knee walking" cd (dropkick records 2004)

the hope 12 (austin, tx)
-"nude descending a staircase" cd (defenestration music 2000)

paul newman (austin, tx)
-"frames per second" lp/cd (trance syndicate records 1997)
-"only love can break your heart" lp/cd (trance syndicate 1997)
-eponymous cd (twistworthy records 1998)
-"machine is not broken" cd (my pal god records 1999)
-"re-issue! re-package! re-package! re-evaluate the songs."
cd (my pal god records 2000)
-this is how it is lost cd (emperor jones records 2005)

imbroco (austin, tx)
-"are you my lionkiller?" cd (deep elm records 2000)

lambchop (nashville, tn/merge records)
-live tour cd 2002
live recording/sequencing/mastering

kid congo powers and the pink monkeybirds (wash DC)
-"dracula boots" cd/lp (in the red records 2009)

monroe mustang (austin, tx)
-"plain sweeping themes for the uninspired" cd
(trance syndicate records 1998)
-"the elephant sound" cdep (jag jaguwar 1998)
overdub engineer/mix engineer

pop unknown (austin, tx)
-"summer season kills" cd (deep elm records 1998)

the primadonnas (sussex, uk)
-"head full of pills" 7" (kill rock stars 1999)
-"drugs, sex & discotheques" cd (peek-a-boo records 2001)

the puta-pons (chicago, il)
-"return to zero" cd (vinahyde records 2001)

reflections (new york, ny)
-"dogs without fear of dying" cd (civil defense league 2007)

rhythm of black lines (austin, tx)
-"set a summery table" cd (six gun lover records 2001)
-"robl/pele" split lp (six gun lover records 2002)
-"human hand, animal band" cd (gold standard labs 2004)

sixteen deluxe (austin, tx)
-"the moonman is blue" cdep (sugarfix records 1999)
-"vision take me, make me, never forsake me" cd (sugarfix 2000)
tracking engineer

switchhitter (austin, tx)
-"academy" cd (framed records 1999)
engineer/band member
-so and so versus the people mover cd (pre-set records 2004)

taking pictures (chicago, il)
-"friends are ghosts" cd (my pal god records 2002)

telenovela (chicago, il)
-"the broken heart is new" cd (vinahyde records 2004)
-"you're gonna need it" lp (vinahyde records 2007)

tune in tokyo (austin, tx)
-"make me eternal" cd (buddy system records 1999)
tracking engineer

young heart attack (w/lemmy kilmister) (austin, tx)
-"tommy shot" cd5 (XL recordings 2004)
tracking engineer/mixer for b-side "get it hot"

other recent work

live symphonic recordings for austin composers peter stopschinski & graham reynolds
    premiere performance of 9 string quartets by area composers
    (mercury lounge, austin, tx).
    performance by the tosca string quartet.
    (january 2002)
    composer, front of house sound and recording engineer
    premiere performance of 11 string quartets by area composers
    (mercury lounge, austin, tx)
    performance by the tosca string quartet.
    (june 2003)
    composer, front of house sound and recording engineer
    premiere performances of 3rd symphonies (off center, austin, tx)
    featuring a 40+ member chamber orchestra composed of members of
    the austin lyric opera orchestra, austin symphony orchestra,
    the tosca string quartet, brown whornet and many others.
    (november 2003)
    foh engineer and recording engineer


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