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prole arts studio

located in the spacious garden apartment of our home, prole arts features the comforts of home combined with a professional studio environment, at what we like to think of as pretty darned reasonable rates (typically $300/day $30/hour). Ideal for overdubs and mixdown projects, basic tracks are typically done at any number of regional studios (see links page) and finished up here. However, tracking can be accomplished in a very sonically effective (if ad hoc) manner as well! Please get in touch about your project for a full range of options...

the new studio features a 9'x28' control/live room with a smaller 8'x14' live room along with a full bathroom and kitchen.

launch photo gallery of the new Prole Arts studio.

equipment list

mixing desk: neotek élan 32 input/24 bus analog mixing console

Pro Tools Mix/24 system with 24 inputs/outputs
MCI JH24 24 track 2" analog tape recorder/reproducer
otari mx5050mkIII 1/2" 8 track analog tape recorder/reproducer
mci jh-110c 1/4" 2 track analog tape recorder/reproducer
tascam 130 cassette recorder/reproducer

dynaudio bm6a powered monitors (lcr configuration)
yamaha ns-10m w/yamaha p2075 amplification
jbl lsr-25p
grado labs sr60 headphones (2)
sony mdr-7506 headphones (3)

dynamics and other signal processors:
aphex aural exciter
aphex 104 aural exciter w/big bottom
dbx 160x compressor/limiter (2)
dbx 162 stereo compressor/limiter
dbx 165a compressor/limiter
dbx 166 compressor/limiter
fmr audio really nice compressor
furman pq-3 equalizer
intersound voicing preamp
joe meek vc6q mic-pre/compressor/limiter
rca ba-146a limiter
summit eqp200a stereo program equalizer

effects processors:
deltalab jr1050 digital delay
electrix filter factory
furman rv-1 spring reverb
ibanez ue400 multii-fx
lexicon 300 digital effects processor
roland re-301 space echo/chorus
yamaha e1010 analog delay
yamaha spx-90 multi-effects unit
yamaha spx-900 multi-effects unit

misc. outboard gear:
ampex mx-10 mixer
bk 1474 30mhz 2-ch. oscilloscope

akg d-12
akg d-112
audio technica 4051 condenser (2)
beyer dynamic m500 (2)
beyer dynamic m201n (2)
b.l.u.e. baby bottle condenser
ev re11
groove tube md-1 tube condenser
mxl v-77 tube condenser (2)
radial JDI direct box
rca sk46
realistic pzm (2)
shure sm57 (2)
shure beta58
shure beta87 condenser (2)
shure sm91 condenser mic
shure sm98 (3)
shure vp88 stereo condenser
whirlwind imp-2 direct box
ohio arts/dynamike plastic microphones (2)

keyboard instruments:
kimball baby grand piano (circa 1920s-recently restored!)
ensoniq eps sampler keyboard with various synth and orchestral disks
moog rogue analog synthesizer
rhodes model 73 electric piano
crumar performer analog synthesizer
harmonium (2)
wurlitzer electric piano (is sometimes around here!)

percussion/drum machines
casio rz-1 drum machine
oberheim dx drum machine
playskool little drummer ps645
roland mc-303 groovebox
4-piece no-name drum kit, lugwig metal snare, tama metal snare, zildjaan cymbals

carvin 2x12" speaker cabinet
fender bantam bass combo amp
kustom challenger combo amp (1970s)
marshall jmp 50 watt amplifier
music man 65 amplifier
supro sportsman 50 watt amplifier and 2x12" cabinet (1960s)

fender custom telecaster (circa 1976)
gibson SG (american model 90s)
eko plastic/mother of toilet seat/sparkle guitar
sigma-martin acoustic guitar
fender jazz bass
danelectro bass
yamaha 12-string acoustic guitar
fender 12-string stratocaster guitar

effects pedals:
boss bass equalizer ge-7b
boss overdrive od-3
boss ce-5 chorus ensemble
boss dd-5 digital delay pedal
danelectro chorus pedal
dod analog delay
dunlop crybaby gcb-95
electro-harmonix holy grail reverb
ibanez mostortion mt10
ross flanger
sansamp (original model)
turbo rat distortion
morley ppa volume/percussion pedal

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